Samtouch Office

When you Purchase a Point of Sale (POS) scanner from Sam Software Solutions, You can choose from a selection of scanners from our selection of leading brands.
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Samtouch Office

Hospitality and retail businesses with more than one POS terminal can gain many advantages when they are connected.

Samtouch Office is a cloud-based solution that allows you to synchronise your POS terminals on one site, or across various locations

Realtime Data & Analytics

You can highlight trends and monitor performance in real-time while on the move with 24/7 access to your business’ vital information.

Monitoring stock shortages or identifying staff errors is just a fraction of Samtouch Office’s capabilities with ongoing maintenance transferred to each of your desired POS terminals from one location.

Cloud-based Back Office Software

This easy to use, low cost, SAAS cloud-based back-office solution provides owners, managers, and head office with a higher level of management reporting and system management. It allows you to manage one or various locations at your leisure while instantly making changes to pricing and menus as required.

Instantly Updated

Access your data anytime, anyplace, anywhere, allowing you to run your business.

Management Tools

Samtouch Office provides management tools to keep you ahead of the game.

No Down Time

Detect shrinkage through void or refund notifications plus fast menu and price updates.

Latest Version

The utilisation of cloud technologies means your system is always up to date.

Samtouch Office Features