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A920 Card Payments

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Provide instant card payments with mobile card payment terminals

You can access the your full product range with the  convenience of the Pax A920 Pro. This will make your business more customer-centric, agile, and accurate with our card readers and integrated point of sale devices.

  • Allow customers to ‘pay at table’ and send their orders directly to food and drink preparation areas.
  • Accept debit and credit cards with contactless payments, split the bill, accept tips, and print receipts on the spot.
  • Mobile stock management, table management, and reports analytics.

We have card machines for every occasion

Combine card payments with Samtouch OrderPad

Samtouch OrderPad allows waiting staff to proces customer orders at the table and automatically update your Samtouch POS system. which then processes the order through to the food and drink preparation stations.

  • Combine ‘Order at Table’ with ‘Pay at Table’.
  • Built-in Receipt Printer .
  • Fast Operation
  • Enquire of Allergy Information.
  • Print Orders Direct to Kitchen
  • Table Status Function “Ready For Mains”

Enjoy fair pricing with no hidden fees

Our mobile card machines integrate seamlessly with your point of sale software to give you a total financial overview at all times.

With easy onboarding, clear pricing, and a single service team for all your support, we make payment services simple.

All card transactions are processed at one fixed rate without any transaction fees.

Accept payments any way your customers want to pay

Whether you’re new to the business world or looking to expand, we can help your business grow. We provide a wide range of card payment solutions for your customers to pay you safely and securely whether it’s face to face, online or over the phone.

Card Machines

Safely and securely manage face to face transactions.

Online Payments

Accept payments through your Ecommerce website.

Phone Payments

Take payments over the phone .

Email Payments

Accept pay-by-link transactions.

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